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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

New features are available in SSRS Denali(2012) over 2008 R2

There's not much new in Denali for SSRS. I vaguely recall reading that the SSRS team got most of their big enhancements into 2008 R2 instead of needing to delay to Denali.
1. That said, BIDS will be Visual Studio 2010. That's worth a lot on its own.
2.  Word and Excel export will finally support Office OpenXML file formats (.xlsx and .docx) which will remove some limitations from the previous formats. The biggest of these are the row and column counts for Excel exports.
3. Then Project Crescent that you mentioned: self service Silverlight "Report" story authoring. I'm not sure this will really be part of SSRS proper; I'm not sure where it will fit.
4. I expect minor enhancements of the existing report objects, but I don't think there will be much new for SSRS in Denali.

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