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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

SSIS various tasks description

A task can best be described as an individual unit of work. We can also develop our  own tasks, but here are the current ETL Tasks available us to out-of-the-box:

ActiveX Script Task: Executes an ActiveX script in SSIS package. This task is only to facilitate conversion of legacy DTS packages that use this deprecated scripting method.

Analysis Services Execute DDL Task: Executes a DDL Task in Analysis Services. For example, this can create, drop, or alter a cube (Enterprise and Developer Editions only).

Analysis Services Processing Task: This task processes a SQL Server Analysis Services cube, dimension, or mining model.

Bulk Insert Task: Loads data into a table by using the BULK INSERT SQL command.

Data Flow Task: This very specialized task loads and transforms data into an OLE DB, and now, optionally, an ADO.NET Destination.

Data Mining Query Task: Allows us to run predictive queries against Analysis Services data - mining models.

Data Profiling Task: This exciting new task allows for the examination of data to replace our ad - hoc data profiling techniques.

Execute DTS 2000 Package Task: Exposes legacy SQL Server 2000 DTS packages to our SSIS package.

Execute Package Task: Allows us to execute a package from within a package, making our SSIS packages modular.

Execute Process Task: Executes a program external to our package, such as one to split our extract file into many files before processing the individual files.

Execute SQL Task: Executes a SQL statement or stored procedure.

File System Task: This task can handle directory operations such as creating, renaming, or deleting a directory. It can also manage file operations such as moving, copying, or deleting files.

FTP Task: Sends or receives files from an FTP site.

Message Queue Task: Sends or receives messages from a Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ).

Script Task: This task allows us to perform more .NET - based scripting in the Visual Studio Tools for Applications programming environment.

Send Mail Task: Sends a mail message through SMTP.

Web Service Task: Executes a method on a Web service.

WMI Data Reader Task: This task can run WQL queries against the Windows Management Instrumentation. This allows us to read the event log, get a list of applications that are installed, or determine hardware that is installed, to name a few examples.

WMI Event Watcher Task: This task empowers SSIS to wait for and respond to certain WMI events that occur in the operating system.

XML Task: Parses or processes an XML file. It can merge, split, or reformat an XML file.

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