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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

SSIS New Features in SQL Server 2008

Scripting Task
SQL Server 2008 scripting is built on the improved VSTA (Visual Studio Tools for Applications) rather than the VSA (Visual Studio for Applications) scripting engine. VSTA is  allows us to build scripts in both C# and VB.NET.

Data Profiling Task 
The Data Profiling Task is new in 2008 and provides a way to analyze data for discovering data issues, constraints, patterns, distributions, and other data profile characteristics

ADO.NET Support
Integration Services 2008 introduces an ADO.NET source and destination adapters. ADO.NET adapters  are full-featured adapters and provide the full custom UI experience. Because there are ADO.NET ODBC adapters, by nature of supporting ADO.NET, Integration Services now also supports connectivity through ODBC.

Integration Services 2008 introduces a new wizard called the Integration Services Connections Project Wizard that allows us to create connections, data flow, and a package as we create the project. This is a faster way to create a package

Improved Data Flow Lookup Component
The new Lookup Component is perhaps the most improved of all features in 2008. It now allows us to source the reference data from just about anywhere including another data flow task. The Lookup Component also allows us to store the reference data in a cache thus drastically reducing the load times.

Improved Data Flow Task
The Data Flow Task core processing has been improved to better utilize threads for more efficient and scalable execution trees. In certain data flow packages, the 2005 Data Flow Task could get into blocking situations or simply not utilize multiple processors as efficiently as expected.

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